Traveller Chair is now
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Let your
journey unfold

Traveller Chair is a carry-on case
that turns into a wheelchair


from experience

Traveller Chair is a carry-on case
that turns into a wheelchair


Improving your
travel experience

Traveller Chair is a carry-on case
that turns into a wheelchair


Traveller Chair is now
ready to order!

Be the first to receive a brand new Traveller Chair!

With you all the way

Traveller Chair helps people with reduced mobility to travel with freedom and independence with our innovative range of products.

With a stylish Traveller Chair, the journeys your life has to offer can unfold with ease.

Would you like to be able to travel freely again, with confidence, ease and independence –
Spend an afternoon shopping, visit a museum, enjoy a day out together or go on your dream holiday?

By Land

We know how vital space is when transporting wheelchairs which is why we designed Traveller Chair to fold to a small size to fit into a car or taxi boot with ease. It is so compact you can even store it in the footwell of a vehicle.

By Rail or Sea

Travelling by rail, ferry or cruise ship can be an enjoyable experience. We know that stations, ports and vessels can involve walking over long distances. With Traveller Chair there is no need to worry about managing your journey.

By Air

You can go on holidays with confidence and ease. Traveller Chair complies with over 95% of all airlines carry-on luggage requirements. Designed from experience, it stays with you all the way - so there is no fuss or waiting.

Traveller Chair

£538.80 (incl. VAT)

- Case to transit wheelchair in under 60 seconds.
- Holds 72 hours of travel essentials in both case and chair modes.
- Meets carry-on luggage requirements of over 95% of all airlines.
- Shoulder strap and carry handle for easy transportation and use.
- Eligible for VAT Relief.
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Traveller Chair – A revolution for travellers with reduced mobility

Traveller Chair is a lightweight aluminium folding transit wheelchair. Its innovative design combines both storage and transportation. Its unique folding mechanism enables it to be quick and easy to fold. Small enough to comply with over 95% of all airline requirements for carry-on luggage. With Traveller Chair, your journey can unfold with ease – its there when you need it however you travel, wherever you go –
no fuss, no waiting – with you all the way.

Reduced wait times

Set the pace of your travelling experiences with reduced waiting times and more freedom to explore the things that matter to you. Whether you enjoy shopping trips, weekend breaks by train, cruising the seas or jet setting to your dream destinations, you know you can rely on Traveller Chair.

Reduced stress

Traveller Chair enables your journeys to unfold, travelling with freedom and independence. Giving you the confidence that you will enjoy your journey as it stays with you all the way. Reducing your worries and stress, improving your self-esteem as you travel in comfort and style.

100% in attendance

Having Traveller Chair with you at all times means you no longer have to rely on third-party providers. Nor do you have to worry about handing over your wheelchair not knowing how long it will be before you can continue with your journey. Having your Traveller Chair will transform your adventures.


Highly recommended to anyone who has a condition that sometimes needs the ability to sit and rest and anyone who would benefit from being able to have a portable solution that isn’t reliant on waiting for assistance at airports

Alison BrownTraveller Chair User

If you suffer from mobility issues and chronic pain and occasionally use a wheelchair when travelling on holiday or day out activities then I strongly recommend the Traveller Chair as a portable, easy-to-use option.

Emiline PugeatBCS (Hons) Sports Therapist

After using Traveller Chair, no longer does one rely on the assistance erratically provided by airlines. I felt completely liberated from dependence on official help and was able to take back control. Free at last, as the man said, free at last

Michael HolmanFinancial Times Africa Editor & Traveller Chair User

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