Introducing ‘Traveller Chair Blue’

The new-look incorporates flashes of cyan colour, a greenish-blue that we are affectionately calling Traveller Chair blue. The bright, lively greenish-blue reminds us of the sunshine sparkling on azure blue seas on our holidays; perfect to get you in the mood for your holiday as you use Traveller Chair to transform your journey.

This dramatic new look delivers great-looking design and user experience, especially in the mechanical features of the chair. Using the blue colour on all of the mechanisms that you need to move to unfold and fold Traveller Chair. The design makes it really clear for users of the chair because they can transform their chair in seconds.

Wheelchairs in history

People with reduced mobility have relied on wheelchairs for centuries to help them get around. Not much has changed in wheelchair design over the last two hundred years. Advances in technology and materials have enabled the design of wheelchairs to change.

The wheelchair below is an example of a historic wheelchair from circa 1875 and was constructed from wood and iron. Clara Barton was an American pioneer teacher, nurse, and humanitarian who was the founder of the American Red Cross. She had this chair built for this emergency relief work. (Source: National Park Service Clara Barton National Historic Site

Technological advances drive innovation

With the advances in technology, we have been able to use more innovative approaches to our design and build. This has enabled us to create a strong ultralight transit wheelchair which is perfect for travel. It folds in seconds to a compact carry-on size, which makes it easy to take with you on trips.

Traveller Chair Features

Weighing just over fifteen pounds it’s the lightest folding adult transit wheelchair available.

It’s an ultra-lightweight wheelchair but still strong enough to support passengers up to 224 pounds (16 stones).

It’s lightweight making it ideal to transport on long trips.

It can fit into car boots with ease and complies with over 95% of airline carry-on luggage requirements.

Quick folding action combined with its ultra-lightweight profile makes it ideal for people with reduced mobility.

Traveller Chair during COVID-19

As the world has been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic we have been very lucky at Traveller Chair. The virus has not stopped us in the final development stages of our product design.

However, what it has put a stop to is the filming and photography that we had planned. When lockdown began we had to cancel our plans. Despite this small setback, we are so confident in our product. We know the opportunities that it will open up for people with reduced mobility. We are excited to learn about the transformation that we know people will experience from using Traveller Chair. Designed from experience we are confident Traveller Chair will help so many that we are going ahead with our launch.

Look forward to a summer of travel

Now that the design of the chair is complete, we just have a few more tests to run. This during will then lead into full production of the chair. This means that we envisage Traveller Chair is available for delivery in August 2020. We shall be keeping our community updated with any news on Traveller Chair as we enter this exciting time.

Pre-order your own Traveller Chair now!

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