Traveller Chair’s founder, Richard Williams, recently met with Michael Holman. Michael has had an incredible career in journalism spanning half a century, reaching the role of the Financial Times Africa Correspondent; he has also published many wonderful books. His retirement came earlier than expected following a diagnosis and subsequent surgery for Parkinson’s Disease, but his love of travel and exploration has never faltered. We were so pleased to present him with a Traveller Chair for his upcoming trip to Kenya to help take the stress out of airports. Check out his glowing feedback!

“It passed with flying colours! 

On the first leg of the journey, I sat in the chair with my bag on my lap whilst my wife, Gabrielle, did the pushing. The distance we had to travel was not very far but it was outside of my comfort zone; as was the leg from the tube to the check-in desk at Heathrow Terminal 5. The quality of the chair is self-evident, right down to the satisfying ”clunk” as one assembles it. There is also a psychological factor – the sense of relief when it becomes apparent that one has been liberated from any fear about that journey which may be a few hundred yards, but requires the stamina of a long distance runner. 

After using Traveller Chair, no longer does one rely on the assistance erratically provided by airlines. I felt completely liberated from dependence on official help and was able to take back control. Free at last, as the man said, free at last…”