After missing out for over a year, the urge to get back out there and make the most of what life has to offer is stronger than ever. With festivals, concerts, theatre shows, parties and weddings back on, many will be ecstatic to see their diary full again! However, for those with reduced mobility, there is often anxiety surrounding large events and the accessibility that will be available. 

The current mobility market offers no simple solution for those who sit somewhere between a person who is fully mobile and a person with a disability resulting in them being unable to walk. From holiday travel to day trips and events, Traveller Chair is here to bridge the gap and provide a beginning to end solution for getting out and enjoying life when living with reduced mobility. 

Whether you use a walking stick, walker or lightweight travel wheelchair, you have as much right as anyone else to travel to and enter a venue with ease. 

Visiting Theatres 

Booked to see a Christmas pantomime or popular West End show but worried about how your trip will run smoothly? Attendees with reduced mobility should select an aisle seat near the back when booking to allow ease of access when getting in and out of your seat and avoid walking along steep inclines. A compact mobility aid, such as Traveller Chair, would then sit safely beside or underneath your seat, offering assistance as and when you need it during the show. 

Theatres will have various accessibility measures in place for you to use if needed. This information can usually be found on the venue’s website and will detail the support they have in place and any prior steps you will need to take. The LW Theatre group (The London Palladium, Theatre Royal Drury Lane etc) have an entire accessibility section on their website as well as a specific email address to discuss requirements or answer any questions. They also have an Access Scheme, going the extra mile to ensure visitors are completely catered for and their staff are fully trained in the necessary areas. This is just one great example of a company going above and beyond to provide inclusivity at their venues! 

Shows often tour the country or are available to watch at multiple venues so it is well worth having a browse and choosing a convenient location that is completely accommodating to everyone. 

Festivals and Outdoor Events 

Although not hosted indoors, outdoor events such as festivals, fetes and food markets present a variety of accessibility obstacles. Often located in large green spaces with uneven terrain, some mobility aids may prove difficult to use effectively. For wheelchair users, events such as festivals will likely provide a dedicated viewing platform or separate seating area. Others, with reduced mobility, may be comfortable walking around to different market stalls but require assistance whilst waiting in a queue. This is where Traveller Chair comes in, the perfect companion for these types of events due to its multi-purpose nature. Use it as a walker, seat or storage facility throughout the day, depending on whether you are feeling full of energy or seeking respite. 

Outdoor family festival, Just So, demonstrates great accessibility with a detailed accessible site map, programme guidelines and a dedicated email address for access requirements. 

If it is a larger event, bear in mind that parking may be situated a fair distance away from the main event. Many locations will, however, provide accessible parking situated nearer the front entrance. Checking ahead and making any necessary enquiries will help you better navigate your day and ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Attending Weddings or Parties 

Weddings or parties can sometimes be more difficult to navigate. You may feel worried expressing accessibility needs to a friend or family member, especially if they are busy planning a big event such as a wedding. Albeit, if that person wants you as a guest then they will be happy to ensure they cater to your needs, big or small. 

If you do feel that you need some form of assistance, a lightweight travel wheelchair that can remain 100% in attendance will support you when travelling to the event yet can be compactly folded away when no longer needed. Whether you feel like getting up and having a dance or taking a seat to enjoy a drink, your mind can rest easy knowing that you always have your trusty companion ready to assist you back to your hotel room or to your mode of transport. 

How We Can Help

Day trips and events can present just as many obstacles to a person with reduced mobility as holiday travel. Theatres and show venues are often located in busy cities, meaning they are not always easily accessible by car so public transport tends to be the most straightforward option. Using public transport with a wheelchair or mobility aid can present its own challenges. There are often multiple steps in these types of journeys with no real solutions to carry you through from your home to your destination – we aim to relieve these problems. With multiple uses and clever features, Traveller Chair acts as a wheelchair, walker and trolley all in one; unlike anything else currently on the market. Our lightweight travel wheelchair can help to avoid long walking distances yet is easily transported throughout your journey. Plus, it is extremely useful for seat transfer on public transport and in other public places. 

We want to show you that it is entirely possible to have an enjoyable door to door experience, even when living with reduced mobility. We are passionate about helping you travel freely, from providing independence in everyday situations such as popping to the shops to creating ease when travelling to see your favourite stage show or band. 

Don’t let poor mobility obstacles stop you from taking that trip. Going from case to chair in just 30 seconds – Traveller Chair is ‘with you all the way’ from drop off to pick up. 

Reduced travel stress and a fuller, happier travel experience GUARANTEED. Buy now.