Our Story

We help people with reduced mobility to travel with freedom and independence. As husband to my wife Jane, I have experienced first-hand how stressful travelling can be for people with reduced mobility and their companions. We have been through the experience of our booked travel assistance arriving late, arriving in an unclean state, or not arriving at all! That is why I wanted to invent a product that can ease that stress, so that people can confidently enjoy travelling to their dream destinations.

I wanted to create a product that was functional,
comfortable and practical, with a lovely aesthetic!

The Problem

My name is Richard Williams, I am a manufacturing specialist and a professional engineer. My wife Jane has got Cerebral Palsy, she has had it since birth; what that means is she finds it difficult to walk excessive distances, particularly when we are travelling going through airports.

The Idea

It was on a trip coming back from Asia into England, about five-thirty in the morning and we were tired, hungry and just wanted to get home. Our booked travel assistance did not arrive, there was no one around to help us, so I walked around looking for a wheelchair we could use. It was at that point that I thought I’m a manufacturing specialist and a professional engineer – I can fix this!

The Solution

That was the lightbulb moment that I decided to do something about it. So what started out as an idea two years ago has become Traveller Chair. It is something that I am so passionate about. I am passionate about it because I know 100 per cent that it is going to improve our lives and the lives of people like you. We cannot wait to hear from you about how Traveller Chair is transforming your lives too!

Traveller Chair

£449 (excl. VAT)

- Case to transit wheelchair in under 60 seconds.
- Holds 72 hours of travel essentials in both case and chair modes.
- Meets carry-on luggage requirements of over 95% of all airlines.
- Shoulder strap and carry handle for easy transportation and use.
- Eligible for VAT Relief.
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