Traveller Chair


(£395 + VAT)
  • Case to transit wheelchair in under 60 seconds.
  • Holds 72 hours of travel essentials in both case and chair modes.
  • Meets carry-on luggage requirements of over 95%* of all airlines.
  • Shoulder strap and carry handle for easy transportation and use.
  • Eligible for VAT Relief.

*Please check with your airline.

12 Month Warranty

VAT Exempt

5 Star Reviews

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Why choose Traveller Chair?

With a stylish Traveller Chair, you can finally have the opportunity to travel with freedom and independence. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that the journeys your life has to offer can unfold with ease – it’s there when you need it however you travel, wherever you go – no fuss, no waiting – with you all the way.

Folding wheelchair

The chair can fold up and down within 30 seconds


Lightweight aluminium construction

Under the seat case

Approx. 17-litre case capacity

Document pocket

Easy to access document pocket

Extra security

Lap Strap for extra security

Compact design

Compact Design; dimensions 350 x 550 x 200mm folded

See Traveller Chair in action

It’s all in the details


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Will the Traveller Chair fit in my car?

Traveller Chair is very compact when folded so can fit easily into any boot size (folded dimension: 546 x 350 x 200 mm)

Who can use the Traveller Chair?

Traveller Chair has been designed with the following in mind:

• People who have difficulty walking any distance

• People weighing under 16 stones (100kg)

• Traveller Chair has been tested as a transit chair for adults

Where can I use the Traveller Chair?

The Traveller Chair was primarily designed for use in airport transportation. It can also be used in indoor buildings such as train stations, bus stations, car parks, hospitals, shopping centres, museums and art galleries, hotels and cruise ships. Please refer to the safety in use guidelines for surfaces to be avoided.


This is really cool and I can see it being very useful. The amount of times my old wheelchair got lost in airports. Especially as it was the same colour as the ones used so they put it in away with theirs on more than one occasion! #wheelchair #disabled


Brilliant! Freedom and independence for many travellers! ????????


What a great product. I look forward to seeing one in use.






We all should get behind this great innovation in accessible travel ♿✈️ ♿✈️


This is such a fantastic, practical, helpful idea. Brilliant innovation. I hope it really takes off.


Extremely innovative invention which will totally liberate those with limited mobility. Absolutely brilliant ????????


Another great idea from the innovators in accessible aviation.


I said something like this was needed a few years ago - so glad to see someone has done it! Very impressive, it's a lot sturdier & more robust than what I had in mind. ????