If you suffer from mobility issues and chronic pain and occasionally use a wheelchair when travelling on holiday or day out activities then I strongly recommend the Traveller Chair as a portable, easy-to-use option. It can be very stressful when planning days out and holidays when you must worry about wheelchairs arrangements. This wheelchair is lightweight, easily foldable, and portable and is specially designed to fit in as hand luggage in an aeroplane. It has been designed for all, occasional wheelchair users up to 100kg (220lbs).

The manufacturers of the Traveller Chair understand the importance of the correct sitting position. Research suggests that sitting for prolonged periods causes lumbar flexion, therefore altering normal spinal curvature and leading to increased compressive load on the spine over time. Conditions such as Scoliosis, Kyphosis, and Lordosis would likely benefit from the Traveller Chair’s seating position. The spinal structure is specifically designed to maintain an upright posture and absorb shock through three normal curves. For a healthy spinal curvature to be maintained, a chair needs to be firm, flat, and not contoured; there also needs to be mid-back support space between the seat and the backrest. Compare this to some other wheelchairs on the market today and you’ll see measurable improvement. Alternative chairs can significantly lack pelvic and lumbar support, aggravating conditions associated with these areas.  

The Traveller Chair is easily manoeuvred once folded out and provides the care assistant or ‘pusher’ to easily control the sitter’s weight with a positive feel through the chair handle. Its Omni-rotational bearings provide little resistance allowing for less opportunity to bump into objects.

Folding and unfolding the chair is relatively easy and fast allowing for less stress for both user and care assistant. The whole chair weighs less than 9kg and is the size of a small suitcase making it ideal for carry-on luggage. The weight is not too heavy for most people to carry without overstressing their back or shoulders.

Traveller Chair provides an angled firm seat with a footrest to promote the correct pelvic position to maintain a well-supported and comfortable position. The footrest does not swing like some other wheelchairs, so it avoids the risk of knocking on the ankles when getting on and off the chair. The seating pad is not digging into the sitting bones (ischial tuberosity) providing further comfort if extended use is needed. The back panel also provides further support to prevent slouching and promote an upright seating position.

This chair offers practicality by being easily portable and does not compromise on comfort as it offers all the necessary support to maintain a healthy posture, offering you peace of mind when planning a holiday or a day out. Personally, I would fold the Traveller Chair and place it inside the boot of the car for convenient access when required.

Emiline Pugeat

BCS (Hons) Sports Therapist