The launch of the Traveller Chair is here! In July 2021, we made the exciting announcement that the Traveller Chair was available for pre-order. After years of development perfecting the product, this was an amazing achievement for us. But, of course, seeing our lightweight travel wheelchair physically in the hands of customers, was the ultimate goal. We are thrilled that the day has finally arrived – Traveller Chair is in stock and readily available for purchase!

We want to begin by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered and followed our journey so far – we truly appreciate it and can’t wait to witness your new lease of life. 

Where it all began

Let’s glance back to the beginning of the Traveller Chair journey and remind you how the idea of a lightweight travel wheelchair came about…

Richard Williams, an engineer from Derbyshire, found himself frustrated and looking for a solution after multiple negative travel experiences with his wife Jane, who has Cerebral Palsy. As a couple, they were simply fed up of waiting around, relying on others and being let down by booked airport assistance. Adamant not to let these bad experiences taint their love of travel, Richard decided to utilise his expertise and create a life changing mobility aid for his wife, and many others like her. 

After years of hard work, many design changes and numerous prototypes – Traveller Chair was finalised and ready to go to market. Whilst it may have taken a little longer than expected due to factors out of our control, we couldn’t be prouder of how far we have come. This is just the beginning of our journey and we can’t wait to change the narrative of travel for people with limited mobility. 

Richard and Jane.

What you need to know about our lightweight travel wheelchair

Traveller Chair is the first of its kind, in the mobility and travel market, and worldwide. We feel there is a noticeable gap in the market for a lightweight travel wheelchair tailored to occasional wheelchair users, dealing with a mobility reducing injury or condition but still wanting to stay active and enjoy travel. 

The idea behind Traveller Chair is centred around real-life experiences so every element of the product has been carefully thought out to ensure it aligns with the needs of real people. 

Traveller Chair’s most unique features include; 

-Clever folding mechanism to ensure it can fit into compact spaces such as a car boot or overhead locker.

-Small wheels allow it to be easily manoeuvred around tight corners in shops and garden centres. 

-Lightweight aluminium frame means it is comfortable to carry when not in use and transport from A to B. 

-Complies with carry-on requirements of 95% of airlines.  

Safety has also been heavily considered in the development of the product. Equipped with a parking brake and secure lap strap, you can rest easy that your journey will be smooth and comfortable whilst seated in the Traveller Chair. Our grab and go solution has a place for everything and can easily transform from case to chair whenever you require additional support. 

Traveller Chair currently retails at £538.80 (incl. VAT). Be sure to check if you’re eligible for VAT relief though! If you have any questions about Traveller Chair, the launch or delivery, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@travellerchair.com and we will be more than happy to help. 

What’s next for Traveller Chair

Every person, no matter their ability, deserves to lead a life enriched with travel and adventure. Our aim is to make this a reality, by creating solutions to the common obstacles people with limited mobility so often face. Our innovative  lightweight travel wheelchair isn’t where it ends, we have lots more exciting things in store for you all! Keep your eyes peeled for future mobility products and Traveller Chair add-ons coming soon…

woman sat in Traveller Chair, a lightweight travel wheelchair

Don’t let poor mobility obstacles stop you from taking that trip. Going from case to chair in just 30 seconds – Traveller Chair is ‘with you all the way’ from drop off to pick up. 

Reduced travel stress and a fuller, happier travel experience GUARANTEED. Buy now.