Choosing a mobility aid can be an overwhelming decision. With so many products available on the market, it can be tricky to know exactly which one is right for you. There are plenty of different types of walkers, rollators and wheelchairs on the market, all great mobility products, but what if you don’t want to be stuck with a piece of equipment that you don’t require all of the time? We like to think of Traveller Chair, a lightweight folding wheelchair and suitcase, as a hybrid of all these mobility products, providing a complete, all-in-one solution to your mobility needs. 

Whilst a standard wheelchair is ideal for some, it isn’t necessarily the best option for someone with limited mobility who enjoys city breaks, days out with family and shopping trips with friends. 

Why Use A Standard Wheelchair

A standard wheelchair is most commonly used by people with a temporary injury, long-term disability or hired for the day by people with limited mobility when visiting a tourist attraction or travelling through the airport.

The main features of a standard wheelchair include; 

  • Seated support at all times – to support people unable to walk at all or with ease. 
  • Lightweight – standard wheelchairs tend to be made from fairly lightweight materials such as aluminum. 
  • Foldable – most wheelchairs fold together by pulling the seat upwards to fit into car boots and other transport or storage.
  • Independent use – can be used independently by the user pushing the wheels with their hands. 

Why Use A Traveller Chair

Traveller Chair is a world-first product and the only mobility aid of its kind, best described as a lightweight folding wheelchair that doubles up as a carry-on case when not in use. It is most commonly used by people with limited mobility caused by conditions such as Cerebral Palsy or early onset Parkinson’s, chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia or people that are getting older and finding their mobility is becoming affected. 

The main features of a Traveller Chair include; 

  • Lightweight – weighs only 9kg. 
  • Foldable – folds down with a shoulder strap to carry with ease.
  • Compact – wheelchair folds to become a case that is compact enough to fit into a car boot, car footwell and most transport luggage compartments. 
  • Multi-purpose – it can be used as a wheelchair, a suitcase and even a walker. 
  • Luggage facility – holds up to 72 hours of travel essentials. 
  • Easy to manoeuvre – small, manoeuvrable wheels mean it can easily turn in tight spaces and around corners. 
  • Carry on compliant – meets carry on luggage requirements of over 95% of airlines. 

Why a Lightweight Folding Wheelchair is the Best Option for Supporting Limited Mobility

No matter your level of mobility, you will likely only ever be offered a standard wheelchair when requesting assistance at an airport, tourist attraction or shopping centre. Whilst they work for people with little to no mobility, standard wheelchairs are not always necessary or practical for people who wish to remain as independent as possible. If you have limited mobility and only require support from time to time when walking long distances, the addition of a standard wheelchair can affect your overall travel experience by just getting in the way. 

Traveller Chair offers a comfortable, secure wheelchair to use when feeling tired of walking. When not needed, it simply folds down, in under 30 seconds, into a suitcase that can be carried over the shoulder and fit into small spaces. A standard wheelchair remains fairly large and bulky when folded and cannot be easily carried around for longer periods of time. 

The maneuverable wheels of a Traveller Chair make it easy to get around small aisles of garden centres, shops and busy airports which tends to prove more difficult when using a standard wheelchair as they are a lot larger and difficult to navigate. Up to 72 hours of travel essentials fit into the luggage compartment so there is no need for too many additional bags. It is also compliant with 95% of airlines meaning it can stay with you at all times. 

Wheelchairs, walkers and rollators are all great products in their own right that no doubt support so many people with mobility issues around the world. But, if you have been looking for a lightweight folding wheelchair that seamlessly slots into your lifestyle to provide support whilst not hindering your adventure, Traveller Chair is the one for you. 

Don’t let poor mobility obstacles stop you from taking that trip. Going from case to chair in just 30 seconds – Traveller Chair is ‘with you all the way’ from drop off to pick up. 

Reduced travel stress and a fuller, happier travel experience GUARANTEED. Buy now.